Bright side of innovation

Our blue dot is fading. We build regenerative technologies to shine a spotlight on Earth. Welcome aboard to the future of climate-tech.

We bridge the gap between climate pledges and action.

In order to achieve net zero, ambitious climate pledges are made. Realizing them is yet a different story. Let us know the setback on your net zero journey and we might have just the right solution. Or we can build one together!

Ignite the change

Co-creating & scaling solutions.

Technology has the potential to be the change-maker. With that in mind, we empower entrepreneurs and enterprises by creating an ecosystem where inventive ideas unfold.

Climateware changemaker technologies
  • Co2nsensus
  • Nextep
  • Carbondeck
  • Planet Port
All-in-one carbon calculation & offsetting.

Co2nsensus offers individual and enterprise-level carbon calculation and offsetting for events, daily tasks, shipping, and more. Calculate, offset, and track emissions to compensate your footprint.

Walk. Reduce. Impact.

With a community of impact-makers, Nextep fits climate action into your schedule. Download our next-gen step counter app and start converting your steps into emission reduction.

Calculate, manage, succeed.

Multi-faceted management on one platform. Carbondeck offers tailored carbon management for businesses. Reduce your emissions and realize your decarbonization strategy.

Planet Port
Carbon-neutral transport.

Planet Port’s customized API offers carbon compensation solutions for all types of transportation, shipping or, travel. Minimize emissions and conduct logistics operations with the planet in mind.

Gain a
competitive edge

Our sector-specific products let you get on top of sustainability risks and take part in the solution. Join our ecosystem and get ahead in the race towards net zero.

Build future resiliency

Climate risks are snowballing into a new crisis for all. Build up climate resilience and reduce your ecological footprint with our planetary technologies. Future-proof your business and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Lead the transformation

Decarbonization is now. And climate-tech is the solution of tomorrow. Get onboard with positive technologies personalized for your needs and drive transformational change.

Building the
solutions of tomorrow.

Every game-changing solution was once an idea. At Climateware, ideas drive impact. We architect products to change the game for climate action. Calling innovators aboard.