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The unmatchable carbon calculation and offsetting solution

Co2nsensus allows users to take control of their carbon emissions. We developed a comprehensive platform that allows for easy calculation and offsetting. Easily contribute to verified emission reduction projects hat support SDG goals. Get certified for your internationally accredited carbon offset.

From events to shipping to daily tasks, our all-in-one solution is suitable to offset in a wide range. With Co2nsensus, individuals looking to compensate for their emissions and enterprises aiming to balance their emissions can offset with just a few clicks.

Companies that offset any remaining emissions after reducing as much as they can stand out from competitors and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Likewise, individuals compensating for their footprint can enjoy their daily tasks with the planet and future in mind.

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Walk. Reduce. Impact.

Walking is a part of our daily lives. So why not make it more eco-friendly? With that in mind, we redesigned a regular step counter into an innovative solution.

Our climate-tech pedometer Nextep, helps save the planet by funding accredited emission reduction projects in each step. With our app, individual mobility snowballs into collective impact.

We build a dynamic community of impact-makers around the world. Fit climate action into your daily schedule. Check out our next-gen step counter and start converting your steps into emission reduction.

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Calculate, manage, succeed.

Carbondeck is an industry-leading carbon footprint calculation and management software validated by RINA and compliant with GHG and ISO14064-1 standards. The all-in-one platform covers all three scopes of GHG emissions, allowing businesses to easily calculate and track their emissions.

Our multi-faceted tool is designed specifically for businesses looking to align their operations with their net zero goals. Carbondeck offers analysis, benchmarking, supply chain footprint management, grouping, setting targets and offsetting modules on one platform to realize decarbonization.

Companies benefit from sector-specific reporting based on global databases. Internationally accredited reporting and certification help businesses increase customer and investor demand, save costs, efficiently manage risks, and improve reputation and brand loyalty.

Carbondeck has the tools and resources that a small business or a large corporation needs to succeed in today’s competitive and increasingly sustainable business environment.
Become a driver of positive change with Carbondeck.

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Planet Port

A customizable API for carbon-neutral transport

Planet Port offers carbon compensation solutions for all types of transportation, shipping, and travel, allowing our clients to offset emissions and make their operations carbon-neutral. Transport-related emissions are determined, calculated, and compensated by contributing to internationally accredited emission reduction projects.

Our API is designed to minimize environmental impact while still allowing for efficient logistics operations. Planet Port allows the user to contribute to the fight against climate crisis and demonstrate their commitment to the net zero transition, giving them a competitive advantage in today’s market.

Transportation and logistics sector is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, providing all the more reason to use Planet Port. Our clients support the transition to a low-carbon economy by compensating their emissions.

It is possible to fight climate crisis and conduct business operations simultaneously. After reducing their emissions, companies can determine and offset their remaining emissions with Planet Port and become a part of the solution.

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