Collaborating for a Greener Future: Climateware and LC Waikiki 

As Climateware, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with LC Waikiki, a leading retail clothing company committed to building a sustainable future. This collaboration enables carbon-neutral delivery for sales made through LC Waikiki’s website and the mobile app. 

Eco-Conscious Retail and Shipping  

The retail sector and shipping are among the largest contributors to carbon emissions globally. With the rise of e-commerce, the carbon footprint caused by shipping has only increased, this is why our collaboration is addressing a significant issue. 

An Effective Collaboration 

The shared goal of Climateware and LC Waikiki to reduce the carbon footprint caused by shipping resulted in this collaboration. Our partnership enables LC Waikiki to work towards reducing the carbon emissions of the retail industry and help build a sustainable future. 

The Importance of Carbon Offsetting 

Carbon offsetting allows businesses to mitigate their carbon footprint by supporting projects that reduce carbon emissions. By partnering with Climateware, LCW utilizes our Carbon Offsetting API, which uses data from 2,000,000 shipping each month to make accurate calculations for every shipping and offsets the total sum. This collaboration allows LC Waikiki to offset the product delivery emissions and contribute to projects verified by the Gold Standard. 

Climateware and LC Waikiki’s collaboration is an important step to decarbonizing retail operations and contributing to UN Sustainable Development goals.