Science is crystal clear: we are faced with a global climate crisis. And it is getting worse each day. With the crisis, the world is undergoing a massive transformation aiming to reach net zero.  

Economies are shifting, daily tasks and trends are changing, rules and regulations are redesigned. International policies are enacted and implemented to manage emissions worldwide. Businesses seek to adapt to changing dynamics and take action; however, pledges are often far from reality. 


At Climateware, we architect climate technologies of the future. With a forward-thinking approach, we are set to change the game for sustainability and climate-tech. Closter is an all-in-one carbon management software we developed to help businesses manage and reduce their emissions. 

Semtrio, one of the authorized resellers of Closter, embraces a holistic approach to sustainability and offers a wide range of services and solutions. Explore our partnership in aligning corporate climate strategies with net zero goals. 

Universal Carbon Management

Tracking and managing carbon footprint is often a challenging task. Businesses are in need of a comprehensive and effective solution to manage their carbon emissions. With that in mind, we developed Closter, combining innovative technology and scientific know-how.  

Co2nnectorPro, a white label product of Closter, is an industry-leading carbon management software validated by RINA and compliant with GHG and ISO14064-1 standards. The all-in-one platform covers all three scopes of GHG emissions, allowing businesses to easily calculate and track their emissions.  

Co2nnectorPro provides companies with an end-to-end solution from carbon management to net zero. It offers practical, cost-effective, and comprehensive carbon calculation and management. Businesses integrating it into their sustainability strategies advance towards their climate goals. 

All-In-One Carbon Solution

Closter is customizable and multi-faceted, designed specifically for businesses to reduce their emissions and reach decarbonization targets. Co2nnectorPro, a custom-built product of Closter, offers enterprises of all levels cloud-based and accurate carbon accounting. The digital cloud stores calculations and reports, enabling fast and secure access to sustainability data.  

Companies benefit from sector-specific reporting based on international IPCC, DEFRA, and Ecoinvent databases, benchmarking and monitoring their carbon management performances. 

Co2nnectorPro’s modules encompass benchmarking, SBTi-aligned target setting, carbon offsetting, supply chain and logistics management.  

Industry-Defining Product

Powered by our mission to bridge the gap between climate pledges and action, Climateware’s collaboration with Semtrio facilitates decarbonization efforts through Closter. 

Co2nnectorPro became an industry-leading carbon management tool, dominating the sustainability sector in Türkiye. Semtrio acquired a 90% market share in Türkiye in 2022, with 200+ companies using Co2nnectorPro as part of their corporate sustainability strategies. The industry-defining product is on a rising trend worldwide, climbing the ladders in carbon management to the top.  

Climateware is proud to partner with mission-aligned businesses and innovators around the world. Join change-makers in driving real impact with collaboration, devotion, and passion for technology.