Providing high quality accommodation services, Divan aims to reduce the environmental impact of its operations by collaborating with Climateware. Divan customers have the opportunity to offset the environmental impact of their stays and activities by contributing to carbon offset projects that are reliable and have real impact. 

Green Transformation in the Tourism Sector 

According to the data of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the tourism sector is responsible for 8% of global carbon emissions. Thanks to our collaboration with Divan, customers offset their emissions from accommodation and activities for a sustainable future. 

Tailored and Reliable Solutions For Your Needs  

The carbon footprint calculation and offsetting API we developed for this collaboration was designed with a methodology specific to Divan’s activities, services, and customers. Divan customers, who want to compensate for their carefully calculated carbon footprints, can get information about the carbon offset projects they want to invest in and make the right choice.

Our Multilateral Impact 

With this project, Divan not only contributes to the environment with the offsetting opportunity it offers in accommodation and events to its customers, but also contributes to raising environmental impact awareness of its stakeholders. 

Tailor-made Software 

We develop personalized carbon footprint calculation applications. The application we developed specifically for Divan performs the carbon footprint calculation in line with information such as the amount of participation in events, the type of food served or the type of room accommodated. We are building a green future with accurate calculations and reliable offsets.