At the core of our lives lies the struggle against the climate crisis. Our planet, home to the living, is threatened by rising temperatures and extreme weather events.

As globalization transformed the world, transportation and travel became a vital part of our lives. Air travel, one of the most crucial sectors in which journeys are crafted with care and passion, also has its role in the climate crisis. How?

Carbon-neutral journeys at the intersection of climate imperative and airline travels.

Aviation accounts for around 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Passenger travel alone is responsible for more than 80% of emissions from aviation. It is imperative to emphasize how individual impact can have a cumulative benefit or harm.

More and more flights are used daily, and passengers need a way to compensate for their impact. This is where Co2mission comes into play, enabling Turkish Airlines to offer carbon offset opportunities for its passengers. With careful calculation and devotion to innovation, a rising risk becomes an opportunity as individuals gain access to reduce their climate impact.

Under the umbrella and vision of Planet Port, Co2mission empowers individuals on their air travels, enabling them to balance their flight-based emissions via accredited projects, including renewable energy, reforestation, and efficient cookstoves. Turkish Airlines passengers can easily contribute to worldwide projects to set out on eco-conscious journeys, thanks to Planet Port’s customized API, which accurately measures flight-related carbon footprint.

Co2mission represents the importance of sync between corporate and individual climate action. If we want to build a habitable planet for future generations, tackling climate change requires both types of action. This is why we are devoted to offering cutting-edge solutions and products to help companies empower their customers with practical and reliable ways to combat the climate crisis.

Individual access to supporting environmental protection is just the beginning. Co2mission’s practical and robust calculations empower individuals with a project portfolio that contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Combatting climate change needs to be accessible to be effective. Co2mission offers a unique experience to discover eco-conscious travels, unlocking the potential of achieving greater balance. Coming together with one goal, we are building a community that goes beyond taking responsibility for a more sustainable future.

Paving the way for a more sustainable future with carbon-neutral flights.

Ranging from renewable energy to local development projects aimed to increase energy efficiency, Gold Standard (GS) and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) accredit projects ensure to embed the climate action in our travels. Passengers can voluntarily contribute to the projects to offset their flight-based emissions, calculated accurately thanks to Planet Port’s API, which is up to date with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) methodology.

It all starts with understanding what we need to evolve climate action. Calculating carbon footprint is imperative to transform our behavior to reflect a sense of environmental responsibility. As our journeys are vital to us, reliable and practical ways to understand their impact are also essential.

Thanks to Co2mission, our planet can be rebalanced with offset projects with internationally prestigious certifications. These projects are included in Renewables, Community Care, and Greener World bundles as a future-oriented portfolio.

Climate action to transform memorable journeys into robust impact.

Co2mission is the embodiment of what Climateware envisions for the future. Bringing climate action to the center of our lives, enabling companies to offer better alternatives, and setting up innovation for a sustainable future.

Planet Port’s vision to develop innovative products covering transport and logistics sectors guides Co2mission. Supporting the green transition and decarbonization, empowering passengers to own their way to combat the climate crisis.